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Overcome critical challenges and discover solutions - register interest and become a part of the LEAP HR: Healthcare Searchlight Network.

Identify the ideas, vendors, resources and people who can help you transform HR effectiveness, delivering actionable ‘aha!’ moments that can immediately translate into value.

Uncover cutting-edge insights into emerging areas of focus including next generation leadership development, uplifting and reinventing company culture and the role of AI in Healthcare HR. ​

Get quick answers to your most pressing questions by leveraging the online community hub to ask and answer questions which are preventing you from moving forward faster in your HR activities​

Influence the focus of year-round conferences by working with the event development team to ensure that the annual conference focuses on the issues that matter most to you​

This unique platform provides an invaluable opportunity to share profound insights, experiences, and best practices. By delving deep into the intricate pathways of development, and actively engaging in crucial, transformative discussions, you're not just participating; you're shaping the future. Don't merely observe the shift - be an integral part of it.

Register interest today to plug into a ready-made network that collaborate to make better decisions with more confidence, gain rapid answers to the most critical questions.

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Strategic HR Practitioners

Member companies get to nominate up to 3 strategic HR leaders to take part

Non-Traditional Thinkers

Those most open to new ideas will gain most value from being involved

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We welcome those equally engaged in helping the group move forward