What can you expect as a Searchlight member?

Year-round insights. Bespoke value. New thinking. Practical answers.

Unlock unparalleled value with an annual membership which includes:

  • Bi-monthly virtual cornerstone meetings bringing the global network together to tackle vital questions as a group and share experiences which help members make better decisions
  • Year-round support from the member value delivery team who focus on helping individual members achieve their specific goals and who operate as an extension of members’ own teams
  • Access to an exclusive online community hub which offers a platform to ask and answer questions, benchmark data, get market intelligence, event highlights, industry papers and more
  • Bespoke reactive engagements including group and individual extension conversations that build on cornerstone meetings, reactive meetings examining trending papers, coffee connects, in-person dinners and more

Our comprehensive suite of features arms us with the tools to provide demonstrable value to you as an individual, as part of a group, and to the wider community.

Facilitated Dialogue Around Mission-Critical Issues

Every two months, 90 minute cornerstones take place with a goal of connecting, inspiring and energizing healthcare HR leaders within the Searchlight community.

Meeting subjects are influenced by the membership, with key takeaways being shared on the community hub afterwards.

During the Meeting:

The Situation:

15 Minutes

Members listen to an introductory case study from a Healthcare HR thought leader/mentor which addresses a key business problem HR leaders routinely face, and which we’ll aim to provide answers to.

The Discussion:

45 Minutes

Participants break out into working groups containing the most relevant members to challenge each other and develop their ideas whilst coaching each other to think differently.

The Action:

30 Minutes

Members return to the main plenary to share their groups’ key takeaways as the mentor isolates the most actionable strategies and provides a Q&A opportunity for further tactical and strategic questions.

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