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In addition to the biopharma HR community, we are actively looking for a limited number of relevant, credible innovation partners to join the network as co-creators and shared stakeholders through sponsorship.  

Innovation partners need to be leaders in the space and agree with us that they need to be in the room when industry-wide discussions about the future of HR in Life Sciences take place.  
In return, innovation partners can expect to gain value by making new connections and developing existing relationships with the life sciences strategic HR community, while positioning themselves as thought partners and trusted advisors to the industry. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Position yourself as a thought partner of choice to the industry


Get the chance to design and deliver dedicated virtual meetings for the cohorts of your choice within the Life Sciences HR community, and add value year round via the community content hub.

Get unique insights into the needs of your target market

Only innovation partners get access to the insights shared via post meeting summaries and the community hub, allowing them to develop better solutions and gain a competitive advantage.

Make vital connections and be front of mind when members need solutions

By adding value in your dedicated meetings, and year round on the community content hub, you'll get the chance to position yourself as solution provider of choice to the life sciences industry.

Sponsorship Benefits

Demonstrate thought leadership

Access a year-round platform to demonstrate thought leadership in front of an engaged group of future prospects

Access unique market insight

Get an exclusive insight into the specific needs of future customers to develop better solutions tailored to those needs

Be a trusted advisor to the industry

Join the network as a shared stakeholder and co-creator to break down the barriers between vendors and customers 

Develop your prospect network

Access the HR leadership at 50+ of the most engaged life sciences companies, actively spending to solve their people problems

Get year-round market access

The unique Searchlight web platform and frequency of meetings means you're always front of mind in the eyes of your clients

A life sciences silver bullet solution

Plug in to the only life sciences specific network that brings the most active and engaged HR leaders together all year round

Audience Demographics


forward-thinking life sciences organizations will be looking to the LEAP HR Life Sciences Searchlight network for help in 2024


of the most ambitious strategic HR leaders in life sciences will be engaged in the community hub throughout the year


cornerstone meetings taking place throughout the year, offering a unique change to demonstrate thought leadership


average headcount of member organization, with 65% of members emerging (sub 500 headcount) and 35% established (500+)


distinct content cohorts, ranging from Strategic HR to Talent Acquisition to Total Rewards and HR Business Partners


innovation partner opportunities available, making this an exclusive platform for strategic relationship development

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